NCCDC serves individuals, organizations and communities in 4 locations with an office based in Morrisania, South West Bronx, which is classified as one of the high risk neighborhoods in the Bronx and as one of the poorest neighborhoods in the United States.

What makes NCCDC unique and different is its implementation of solutions. Confronting the crisis in American education, NCCDC developed, planned and created a New York State Chartered Elementary | Middle | High School that takes a values-based approach to education and delivers absolute commitment to the often neglected basics of Reading | Writing | Mathematics.

NCCDC’S philosophy has always been to fill the gaps in our modern disconnected society. It is this philosophy that has motivated the organization’s responses to the needs of its communities, resulting in the development of customized programs and activities.

NCCDC Programs

Job Training and Development | Leadership & Life Skills Training | Computer Skills Building | Financial Planning and Budgeting | Housing Assistance/Homeless Prevention | Life Counseling/Guidance | Food Stamps Application & Recertification | Application Assistance with SSI / SSD | Detox/Rehab Services


To teach area residents life skills that bolster self-esteem, enhance self respect and promote self-sufficiency

To coordinate community youth programming that provides educational, cultural, athletic and employment opportunities where youth can become productive members of society and change agents in their communities.

To promote economic development through homeownership, job training, employment opportunities, referral services and local commercial revitalization.

To provide affordable rental housing and ownership opportunities for various income levels including; homeless, relocatees, low to moderate income families, individuals and disabled persons.