What is Human Capital Development?

Human Capital Development (HCD) is functionally different from Human Resources (HR). HCD is philosophically different from HR’s task-driven focus in that HCD recognizes that the development and growth of people in community organizations and businesses are an important and essential asset to the organizations’ as well as the community’s future success.

In a service organization, the collective attitudes, skills and abilities of the organization’s human capital (people assets) establish performance and productivity. Accordingly, expenditures related to training, development, health and support are an investment in productivity, not just an expense.

Americans can make the necessary changes if they want to. The first step for all of us is to admit that we have a very big problem on our hands that will take a generation to correct. If we fail, we will leave our children and grandchildren a legacy not merely of economic uncompetitiveness and a much lower standard of living, but a seriously diminished quality-of-life stemming from an enormous gap between a minority of haves and a majority of have-nots that will undermine the basis of civil society and our democracy.

It all has to do with a concept called human capital, or the education, skill levels and problem-solving abilities that will enable an individual to be a productive worker in the global economy of the 21st century.

The NCCDC Human Capital Development Program is here to assist both community organizations and businesses as well as individuals to enhance their human capital development, especially in the area of Technology Training

NCCDC Human Capital Development Program examines business challenges to deliver practical, results-based learning.

NCCDC works at the intersection of social science and business practice to build individual and organizational capability.