It is our mission to provide individualized student-centered learning alternatives that foster the development of responsible, productive citizens.

It is an independent-study alternative program. Curriculum is designed for students that are experiencing some sort of difficulty with their regular school program or have dropped out of school.

The mission of the NCCDC Youth Education Support (Y.E.S.) program is to support Bronx community students in using alternative and effective methods to advance their educational aspirations.

Our program provide services to a broad age spectrum of students from elementary school level to college level. Volunteers spend time with community students, building friendships and working with them to help meet their education needs. Through our services, we attempt to act as allies and resources in an effort to end the cycle of high drop out rates.

We enact our mission through the vehicle of service learning, which includes educational and experiential components.

In the educational component, students gain self-development skills, learn about issues facing their diverse communities and engage in reflection activities. In the experiential component, students are provided with direct mentor-ship, allowing them to address specific issues and apply the skills they have learned. Our goal is to help students work towards positive social change and to empower them to acquire the educational level that would enable them to prosper.